Welcome to THA 50/Winter 2022

Welcome to the CUNY Academic Commons Site for THA 50: Introduction to Theatre (Winter 2022) at Kingsborough Community College. This site contains information regarding the course, the winter module schedule, assignments and all course materials. The syllabus and course schedule are posted on this site for student reference. Unit topics and assignments will be detailed in the Week #1, Week #2 and Week #3 modules listed in the Main Menu above.

Course Description: This survey course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding and greater appreciation of the theatrical form. Readings and lectures will focus on the relationship between theatrical theory and practice, the various creative/production roles essential to theatre, as well as major artists and movements throughout theatrical history. Students will analyze major works of dramatic literature to offer context for course content, as well as attend a live theatrical performance on campus.

Course Learning Objectives:

Through this course, students will:

  • Theatrical Theories & Terminology: Identify and apply the fundamental concepts, theories and roles associated with modern theatrical practice and professional theatrical production (i.e. suspension of disbelief, empathy, actor, designer, Broadway, Off-Broadway, etc.). 
  • Theatre & Creativity: Examine and define the skills, considerations and tasks associated with the creation of theatre, both individually and as a collective whole. 
  • Theatre & Society: Evaluate and articulate how theatre is a socially-responsive artform that creates meaning and fosters discussion, debate and community. 
  • Theatre, History & Cultures: Analyze and define the central characteristics of the theatrical artform, both generally and in relation to the history of the United States and Global Cultures.
  • Oral Communication & Writing Skills for the Theatre: Analyze and evaluate the experience and the various components of live theatrical production, and articulate its value both verbally and in writing.